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Transfer Students

We See You Finishing Your Degree
at Norfolk State

We understand your experiences as a transfer student are very different from that of an incoming freshman. We stand ready to help you in navigating through the University so that you may smoothly transition into your program choice. 

Go from a 2-Year to a 4-Year College

It’s all in the planning. Many students start their college career at a two-year institution , attain an associate degree and then transfer to a four-year institution to earn their bachelor’s degree.
This is a worthy goal and it can be achieved through planning. Here are some tips from and
  •  Sign up for a transfer program at your two-year college
  •  By the time you have earned 15 credits, declare your intent to transfer
  • Save time and money by making sure your community college course credits     will count at the four-year college you plan to attend
  • Meet with both your community college advisor and one at your transfer institution
  • Research available financial aid and gather required academic records needed for the transfer
With planning and research, you can find the right transfer college for you.

Transfer Thursdays

As a Presidential Scholar here at NSU, I have been able to engage with dynamic guest speakers, partake in their journeys to success and witness high-standing ideals of excellence. I have been given new people to look up to and exemplify"

Jordan N. Trias