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We see your future as our future.

As a Norfolk State student, you are an important part of who we are. Become an engaged student by taking advantage of academic and extra-curricular activities.


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Practice Effective Study Habits

Many college students loose the college-life battle because of poor time management skills. Win the battle with these successful study habits.

Manage your time.
•    Create a schedule to allot time for study, work and play.
Develop a study strategy.
•    Review 30 minutes before you go to sleep.
•    Complete exercises or practice tests at the end of the chapter.
Read for understanding.
•    Read in sections and then take notes.
•    Re-word the material in your own words to ensure comprehension.
•    Highlight key information as you read.
•    Take notes in class.
•    Jot down a concept your professor emphasizes.
•   Pay attention!
Ace the Test.
•    Scan the class syllabus, and note when exams, tests and quizzes are scheduled.
•    Know what material will be covered on the exam.
•     Don’t miss the exam review.
•    Get a good night’s sleep.

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I would tell others that NSU has a lot of hidden figures. Our STEM program has many connections and great research opportunities. NSU provides both a rigorous academic setting as well as an atmosphere of comradery."

Christopher Banks