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Housed at NSU, the facilities of the Center include existing and planned facilities and equipment at the three member institutions that will be securely connected through the Internet. Our facilities provide an excellent infrastructure for conducting large-scale development and experiments that require multiple sites and a large amount of equipment resources.

NSU Facilities

Big Data Information Security Laboratory

The Information Security Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility designed to support teaching and research in network security, cloud computing and big data. For network security experimentation, this lab is equipped with Cisco Networking Academy curriculum and equipment including: (a) nine Cisco Integrated Service Routers configured with Advanced Security (e.g., firewall, intrusion detection/prevention systems, and VPN), Wireless, and VoIP feature packages; (b) six Cisco Catalyst Ethernet switches with VLAN and port security features; and (c) sixteen PC’s loaded with VMware software for running multiple VMs on each PC. The existing and newly purchased equipment for cloud computing and big data research is organized into separate systems to allow multiple research, development, and experimentation activities to take place simultaneously without causing major interferences. The equipment can be easily reconfigured to form larger systems or interconnections of multiple clouds or big data systems. Three high-performance 10/40 Gb switches and two additional 1/10 Gb switches are used to connect the systems in the lab.

Digital Forensics Lab -  MCAR 502

The Digital Forensics Laboratory is equipped with Encase, FTK and P2 Commander host forensic tools as well as mobile forensic offerings from Celldek, Cellebrite and Paraben. There are several Digital Forensic workstations equipped with a variety of the latest digital forensic software, and there is a FRED Data Center currently on order. Other forensic related equipment includes Digital Forensic Ultrakits, mobile devices, and smartphones.

NDG NETLAB+ System  RTC 300, RTC 304

The NDG NETLAB+ System is used to host virtual machines and lab content on the Internet to provide web-based access to cybersecurity laboratory exercises. NSU has already published forty lab exercises on ethical hacking and Security+, and will be publishing digital forensic laboratory exercises in the near future. The IA-REDI Laboratory hosts a mini-classroom with 30 laptops equipped with a wide range of cybersecurity tools. This mini-classroom is used to teach computer hacking techniques and to practice for cybersecurity competitions.


Human Dynamics Laboratory

The Human Dynamics Laboratory is designed to study humans in simulations including the theories, techniques and tools needed to model individuals and groups along behavioral, cognitive, and socio-cultural dimensions. The M&S Interoperability Laboratory is currently investigating the impact of rising sea level on the region’s social, economical, and critical infrastructure components with a Continuously Running Simulation Environment. The Cybersecurity & Military Laboratory provides ‘sandboxed’ software and hardware to prevent leakage of any malware code/data used or developed for testing security of target systems.

Cybersecurity & Military Laboratory

Cybersecurity & Military Laboratory provides ‘sandboxed’ software and hardware to prevent leakage of any malware code/data used or developed for testing security of target systems. Equipment. No major equipment or instrumentation purchase is requested for the Center, as we will leverage the existing and already planned resources and infrastructures at the member institutions. Each member institution will support the normal and ongoing operation and maintenance of the equipment and resources using other funding sources including organizational budgets, educational and other research grants.