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Robert C. Nusbaum Honors College Programs

A student may apply to the Honors College: Discipline-Specific Honors Programs as an entering, freshman, a transfer, or as a continuing student at the University.

Honors Courses Types

  • Straight - where all students are in the Honors College
  • Dual-Roster - where several Honors College students take a regular course but do special assignments and activities.
  • Customized - where one Honors College student who has completed the Honors Seminar or his or her Honors Capstone Course contracts with an instructor to do special assignments and activities as part of a regular course.

The enhanced syllabi for existing dual-roster and customized courses will be vetted and reviewed by the Honors College and Provost’s Office using “Characteristics of an Honors Course.” New Honors Course will be approved using the same University procedures as for regular courses.

School of Business

To prepare students for careers in all types of organizations and for continued academic study. This is accomplished in a learner-centered community that promotes academic achievement, professional growth, and recognition of the importance of diversity, technology, globalization, and ethics in the workplace and society. The faculty is engaged in intellectual contributions and professional development to remain current in their teaching fields and to promote student success. The School of Business offers a Discipline-Specific Honors Program in Business. School of Business website.

School of Education

Since 1978 the School of Education has provided leadership, coordination, and evaluation of all teacher education programs at the University. The School of Education's central purpose is to provide pre-service and in-service educational programs to prospective teachers, in-service teachers, administrators, and others engaged in educational activities in other agencies. Discipline-Specific Honors Programs offered by the School of Education are in Health, Physical Education, and Exercise Science. School of Education Website.

College of Science, Engineering, and Technology

The strategic mission of the College of Science, Engineering and Technology (CSET) is to transform NSU to a "Science and Technology Powerhouse." In keeping with this mission, there are a number of significant initiatives underway to expand and enhance academic programs across all academic departments in the school. Initiatives include web-enhancements for the courses deemed critical for student success - the gateway courses. Discipline-Specific Honors Programs offered by CSET are: Nursing, Technology and Health Services Management. CSET website.

College of Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts (COLA) offers academic programs in the arts, humanities, and social sciences that produce critical, creative, and independent thinkers who are intellectually ambitious, adaptable to change, and adept in applying knowledge and technology in a variety of settings as socially and civically responsive members of a global society. Discipline-Specific Honors Programs include: Interdisciplinary Studies, History and Psychology. COLA website.

School of Social Work

The Ethelyn R. Strong School of Social Work provides social work education through its Baccalaureate Social Work (BSW) Program, Master of Social Work (MSW) Program, Doctoral (Ph.D.) Program, and continuing education programs. The focus at the BSW level is on the preparation of all students for a generalist approach to the first level of professional practice. The School of Social Work offers a Discipline-Specific Honors Program in Social Work. School of Social Work website.