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Robert C. Nusbaum Honors College Documents and Forms

The Honors College is a community of scholars where critical thinking, curiosity, imagination and creativity are encouraged. Challenging courses, spirited debate, international study, and research projects can all be part of the Honors College experience.


  • Honors Cafe Schedule:  The Honors CafĂ© takes place in the Midrise Honors College Residence Hall Junior Commons every Tuesday of the Academic Year unless otherwise noted. The event is open to all members of the NSU family and runs from 4:30-5:30 p.m.
    - Schedule
  • Event Schedule:  Attendance at Honors College events will be credited according to a flexible points system. All students are expected to accumulate at least 50 points in a semester in order to stay eligible for their scholarships and their Honors College privileges.
    - Calendar
  • RCN Honors College Handbook: The RCN Honors College Handbook describes the programs, requirements, and benefits of the RCNHC, as well as imparting other important information. - Handbook
  • Sample Honors Syllabi: These are sample RCN Honors College Syllabi for students to review. Each syllabus includes the course rationale, goals, measurable student learning outcomes and more. - Syllabi


  • Activities Record: Students must only count events they have attended from start to finish. The points earned for each activity should be circled and subtotaled for each month. If a student has attended an event not listed but pre-authorized by the Dean, include the program and a brief explanation on this form along with all points vouchers.- Activities Record
  • Honors Application: This is an application for admission to the Robert C. Nusbaum Honors College, specifically the Discipline-Specific Honors Programs (covering 9 majors) and the Parsons General Honors Program (covering all majors). Dozoretz National Institute Students who have received letters of automatic acceptance into the RCN Honors College do not need to apply; all others must. - Application
  • Proposal for Honors Credit for a Customized Honors Course: This form must be typed and handed into the Honors Office at least 2 weeks before classes begin for the semester in which the Customized Course will take place. Only students who have successfully completed their capstone Honors course may request a customization.-  Customization Form
  • Scholarship Applications:
    Barnes & Noble Honors College Scholarship
    Norfolk 17 Honors College Scholarship
    Robert C. Nusbaum Honors College Scholarship
    William L. Craig Honors College Scholarship
  • Recommendation Request Form: This form must be completed and returned at least three weeks (excluding holidays and final exam weeks) before the letter is needed. - Request Form