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To the Norfolk State University Community, Visitors, and Friends: We Care. We are committed to serve and protect.

The safety and well being of the University Community is the goal of the Norfolk State University Police Department (NSUPD). We take pride in supporting the academic excellence of students, as well as faculty and staff dedicated to helping students achieve their goals. The 2013 NSU Safety and Campus Security Report is intended to establish guidelines for safety and security, as well as provide information on specific services and programs that have been developed to encourage a safe campus environment.

Our Goal

This is an exciting time in the University’s history. As we embark upon the many campus expansions and improvements, we must employ new and improved ways to keep the campus safe. The Police Department has developed a comprehensive plan that utilizes up to date technology, in addition to continuing a supportive working relationship with the City of Norfolk. This is in addition to our professional staff, who are dedicated to keeping the campus safe.

Your Support

Thank you in advance for your participation in keeping the campus safe and secure.

It is very important to have supportive collaboration from the University Community, by participating in safety and security awareness, everyone within the University Community can be alert for unusual or suspicious behaviors, and notify the Police.

Your cooperation and support is critical, as we are an open educational community where students, faculty and staff are on campus many hours of the day and night. In its urban setting, the University shares many of the same safety and security concerns as major metropolitan areas. It is for this reason that the University Community must take safety seriously.