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Services Offered

Website Updates

The Norfolk State University website at has assigned NSU Website Content Editors and Contributors who keep the content updated. These persons are assigned by the department heads, who are responsible for updating their websites by default.

Recommendations for Changes

However, if you are not a website content editor or contributor, please email: with recommended changes to:

- NSU Website Sitemap
- Changes to the Contact Us page
- Inconsistances or inaccuracies you see on the NSU Website at
- Recommendations for links or content changes 

Please follow the steps on the Making Requests web page.

Services Available

Below are some of the services available to departments to assist in the upkeep of their websites. The assigned Content Editor should send a request - following the Making Requests workflow to

Please review the NSU Website Guidelines regarding photos and videos.


- Convert .doc to fillable .pdf
- Create a folder - folders are for placing files which require a shorter address
- Create a short website address for a web file - file must be placed in a folder
- Upload files to a folder - this has to be done one by one

Forms - Online

- Contact ITS for online form requests.


- Clean up photos - make them look better if possible
- Crop faculty/staff photos for website Contact Us pages


- Contact ITS for all SharePoint requests (New SharePoint, Permissions, Training, etc..)


- Contact ITS for online survey requests.


Please send me screenshots as well as information regarding the issue you are having.  Try to bullet out your steps and provide what you tried to remedy the issue. It is important that you give me time to try to figure out where the issue is and resolve it. Providing times and dates also assists me in going through the logs and looking for inconsistancies in the system.  If you see something acting differently than you feel it should - please also alert me.

Web Pages

- Create a new page / folder 
- Create a short website address for web page / web file
- Request for copy of website analytics - your website statistics
- Rename, Remove, Move, Merge web pages
- Website Quality Insurance checks - spelling, broken links, content clean up


Add a widget to your website and populate with Lorem Ipsum - place holder text and images.

I am working on explaining the types of widges as well as providing screenshots on the WebZONE at:  Please login with your NSU Userid/Password.

Videos / Audio

- Embed closed-caption YouTube Video link
- Upload closed-caption videos to the streaming server - mp4/wmv
- Upload audio files with the narriation to streaming server - mp4/wmv