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Policies & Guidelines

The guidelines and policies below were drafted by Debbie Lyn Jones, Information Technology Manager I. Please do not use text from these documents to recreate similar guidelines or policies - without prior permission.

Guidelines and Standards

NSU Website Guidelines
The NSU Website Content Management Guidelines are principles and procedures that need to be adopted by each WCM Editor and Contributor in order to keep a unified and consistent web presence. These guidelines for those that submit changes to NSU Web Services for editing, and for the WCM Editors and Contributors that utilize the web content management system (WCM) to edit the web pages themselves.

- Web Content Management Publishing Workflow
- Template Guidelines
- Website Proficiency Guidelines
- Web Evaluation Rubric


NSU Web Services Guide to Policies
In order to guarantee access to all Virginians, any Web site that is the property of the Commonwealth of Virginia must fully meet federal and state accessibility law. Website owners using the domain are required to adapt the Federal & State Requirements and ensure compliance for all using the domain

Website Policy
This Policy requires all Norfolk State University Web sites to have a common look and feel. To assist Agencies this effort, a design guide has been developed that is Section 508 and WAI Level A compliant or better in accessibility. The design guide and details related to it may be viewed on the NSU Content Editor Guidelines. Each department is responsible for ensuring that its Web site(s) remain compliant with this Policy.

Website Advertising Policy
This policy is to address the potential for conflict of interest and to assure freedom from influence. The Universities website not be used for advertising, self-promotion, commercial or non-mission related purposes and that advertising space is not sold at any level of the website.

Web Change Management
To encourage greater efficiencies and effectiveness in the use of technology to accomplish government business. This Policy provides a common look and feel to all Norfolk State University Web sites. By creating a new accessibility template and requirements, this Policy helps to make the user's experience as pleasant and trouble-free as possible.

Department Web Pages Policy
Unless otherwise specifically noted, this policy applies to all Norfolk State University Web sites and all types of documents, publications and multimedia contained there within. This policy applies to all Norfolk State University websites signified by the address or within the range of Internet and Intranet protocol addresses assigned to Norfolk State University. University departments or units within websites based on non-university web servers must comply with the terms of this policy in order to be linked from or within the main NSU Website. Each department is responsible for ensuring that its web site(s) remain compliant with this Policy.

NSU Web Hosting Policy
The purpose of this policy is to ensure compliance with all applicable policies and regulations regarding web hosting. The Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides a physical location for University owned web servers or department owned web servers that host web pages and related content.