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Making Requests


State policy requires that all requests are either to be made via NSU Email or that a signed form be presented.  Meetings are for sharing ideas and gathering information.  During the meeting I will ask questions and try to get a better understanding of your request. After the meeting I will take time to consider all parts of your request and how I can best assist you.  Once I have created a workflow of my recommendations, I will send it to you for approval. While working on your request, I will notify you if there will be any delays and ensure I keep you in the loop. 

Please be reminded that assigned NSU Website Editors and Contributors are required to make changes to web site content. The Website Administrator does not edit, change or revise content. See Services Offered for additional information.


Please also send recommended content changes to me.  Indicate if you were trying to locate specific information and was unable - and provide your path through the website. All input is welcome. 

Opening a Ticket

  • Required: Tickets are required for all requests for support. This includes troubleshooting. It really is important to open a ticket for troubleshooting, so that I may get a better sense of what is happening behind the scenes > in the system. Never jump to the conclusion that it is something you are causing. Send me screenshots and let me figure out the issue and solution. I appreciate any and all input.
  • Information Provided: Open a ticket once you have obtained all of the information for your request. Each email request is treated as a different ticket, even if the information is related to a previous ticket. 
  • Requests:  It is important that requests submitted to me have a clear start and end once I open a ticket and place it into the queue.  This is why (see above) each email is treated as a different request. Take time to think through your request or request a meeting so we can discuss it and I may be able to answer any questions you might have.   
  • Method: Please make your request for support via email or request a meeting. All correspondence is placed in a folder and on my file server for archival. 
  • Follow-ups:  Please see the workflow below.  Once I complete a request, it is important I have time to go back in and recheck my work. Emails and phone calls asking for updates only tend to interrupt and slow the process substantially. At the beginning of any request that will take over 4 hours, I would have provided a workflow for you and a general turn-around time. I will email you if I anticipate delays. 

Your Request

Send your request to Debbie Lyn Jones, Information Technology Manager I at with the following information:   

  1. Location:  Website address of requested change - full website address is required
  2. Type of request:  Change -- Addition -- Deletion -- or Troubleshooting
  3. Description:  Additional information specific to the request

Request Queue

Workflow for requests:

  • Each request sent to me is reviewed and a folder opened on my desktop
  • This folder contains the emails and attachments as well as notes I will make regarding the request
  • These notes are generally related to location of change, coding, or important notes regarding the request related to the content management system
  • Unless it is a quick change, I take time to better understand the request and think through how the change should best be made and how it can affect other pages.
  • Once I complete the request, I check my work and publish.
  • After I publish, I check my work again.
  • The requestor will be sent an email indicating the task has been completed and a link will be sent - so they are able to review their request.
  • If something was done in error, please email me back and I will make the change immediately. 

Thank you.