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NSU Website Guidelines

The Department Head as well as the assigned NSU Website Content Editors and Contributors, by their signature on these forms, agree to abide by - and acknowledge their understanding of - the Norfolk State University Website Policies and Guidelines.


Assigned NSU Website Editors and Contributors are responsible for maintaining the accuracy of their assigned websites by placing or removing website content. This includes but is not limited to:  website content, files, images, photos, contact information and etc.  Assign 1 Editor and 1 Contributor per site only.  Editors and Contributors are NSU Faculty and Staff only.


The processing time for adding a Content Editor / Contributor is three working days on the average.  Please do not schedule yourself for training until -after- you have been notified that your permissions have been successfully setup.


  • Placing content (images, text, files, etc) within the system and linking 
  • This includes content created by other departments, including but not limited to Communications and Marketing
  • This includes .docs converted to fillable pdf by the Webmaster
  • This includes replacing content (including files and images)
  • Providing the website address, and a screenshot for the purpose of troubleshooting or requests for new pages
  • Populating new pages
  • Requests for video placement information is listed in the NSU Website Guidelines.

Archival or Old Files/Content

The NSU Website Content Management System may only be used for content which is live. Please use your M or O drive to house archived content, documents or other types of information. Once removed or archived from the NSU Website the NSU Webmaster is no longer responsible. 

New Website

Department Heads may request a new website by filling out the NSU Website Content Editor and Contributor forms. 

  • The processing time for the creation of a new website is 1 work week. This is only for the website shell.
  • The newly assigned Editor and Contributor are responsible for populating the new website with content.